Moulage (draping) course


Moulage is a manual technique when the fabric is '' carved '' directly on the tailor’s dummy by the usage of pins and scissors which makes you create a dress in one piece turning it into geometric shapes. This practical course aims to provide the basic technical skills to enable the designers to develop independently a project in fashion.


The course is aimed not only at designers, aspiring model makers, tailors, professionals and fashion, art, design graduates, but also at enthusiasts and beginners who wish to learn the technique of Moulage. Moulage, unlike the traditional tailoring techniques, is used in high fashion for the realization of a three-dimensional prototype of the future model, which gives you unlimited creativity and inspiration, as with plenty of fabric the result is always great and unique.


Classic Course in Rome
Begining of the course:

1 Level or 2 Level: (you need to choose)

                                   from 6 to 9 Dicember 2018
Course timetable: 13:00-20:00 on Thursdays, 12:30-20:00 on Fridays, 9.00-18.00 on  Saturdays and Sundays 
Price of the course: 500 € including materials
Duration: 32 hours
Office: Via Laura Mantegazza 71, Rome
Tutor: Danilo Attardi


Short course in Rome!

Beginning of the course: 

1 or 2  Level: 6, 7, Dicember 2018

Course timetable: 13:00-20:00 on Thursdays, 12:30-20:00 on Fridays, 9.00-18.00 on  Saturdays and Sundays 

Duration: 15 hours

Price of the course: 250 € including materials
Office: Via Mantegazza 71, Rome
Tutor: Danilo Attardi


Course program 1 Level:

-Presentation of the theoretical basis of Moulage technique,

-Individual study of the model,

-Construction of the basic lines and shapes on the tailor’s dummy,

-Study of the volume of cloth and canvas, which is the base for work,

-Drape and shaping,

-Fixing with pins,

-Transfer to the prototype.

Course program 2 Level:

-Volume and three-dimensionality

-Transformations and new concepts of the draping 

-Construction Modules sleeves and pants and shoulder - head

-Solutions for the realization of the prototype

-Development of any projects proposed by students

 At the end of the course you will receive the final certificate.


At the end of the course we provide the following services:
-post-course advice 
-possibility to get an internship at fashion atelier
-providing with all the teaching materials of the course (digital version)
-possibility to participate in fashion shows, tours and events organized by the school
-registration for the circuit of discounts and haberdashery stores sector
-registration for the circuit of internships and work

In case of certain organizational problems or unforeseen events and the necessity to cancel the course we will send you the notice 10 days before the beginning date of the course and will return the paid fees.


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