Millinery course


After finishing the course you will be able to create your own professional hats of felt and straw using only the iron and a wooden form, without the appliance of any machine!

During the course you will learn to create by hand a felt hat and one / two / three hairstyles / fascinators in straw or felt. During the course traditional summer and winter millinery materials are going to be applied, different forming techniques on wooden head dummies are going to be explained and used.

The tutor will explain the students all the steps of the realization of hats. From forming and sizing to the appliance of grosgrain hat lining, hem of the brim made by hand with moldable wire. Attention will be given to all aspects of customized hat making process.

Course program:

During the course you are going to create 1 summer and 1 winter felt hat


-Knowledge of the materials and technical terms, suppliers, fairs and raw materials wholesalers.

-Different forming techniques on wooden head dummies.

-Different finishing techniques.


Theory: the information about the materials, peculiarities of wearing a hat, stages of construction and creation, the history of the hat.

The selection of the model to create.

Creation of the first models, summer or winter hats, partially performed by students themselves.

Hairstyles, headbands and fascinators: techniques and working.

Removal from the wooden head dummies of the first models of hats. Forming and creation of the successive models.

Techniques and working of the already formed hats, hairstyles, headbands and fascinators.

Removal from the wooden head dummies of the second series of formed models.

Completion of works and fitting of hats and hairstyles.

During the course, each participant will be provided with the materials for the creation of a hat and hairstyle: felt or straw for hat, grosgrain, sewing thread, millinery iron wire.


In Rome

Beginning of the course: from 5 to 8 Dicember 2019

Course timetable: 13:00-19:00 on Thursdays, 9:00-19:00 on Fridays 9.00-8.00 on Saturdays, 9.00-17.00 on Sundays 

Price of the course: 550 €

Office: Via Laura Mantegazza 71, Rome

Tutor: Ulrike Lerch

During course you will also be provided with all the necessary addresses for the purchase of all the materials to continue working with these techniques.

At the end of the course you will receive the final certificate.

At the end of the course we provide the following services:
-post-course advice 
-possibility to get an internship at fashion atelier
-providing with all the teaching materials of the course (digital version)
-possibility to participate in fashion shows, tours and events organized by the school
-registration for the circuit of discounts and haberdashery stores sector
-registration for the circuit of internships and work

In case of certain organizational problems or unforeseen events and the necessity to cancel the course we will send you the notice 10 days before the beginning date of the course and will return the paid fees.


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