Leather handbags design course


The course teaches how to design and produce leather handbags, focusing in particular on the aesthetics of the design and all the important characteristics that comprise a fine handbag.

This course applies a personalized method with the cardboard patterns also used in factories.

A professional handbag model maker and designer must not only be able to create cardboard patterns to meet all the stylist’s requirements but also take into consideration the materials used, for this reason the course also includes all the necessary information about the range of accessories: various types of leather, fasteners, tools, professional fairs and exhibitions, the tanneries and suppliers.

During the course a complete model is also going to be created: from the cutting of the leather for the future handbag to the various hand stitching techniques used.



Beginning of the course:   from 26 to 29 September 2019
Duration: 32 hours

Price of the course: 500 € all included

Course timetable: 12:00-20:00 on Thursdays, 12:30-20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays, 9.00-18.00 on Sundays
Office: Via Laura Mantegazza 71, Roma


Course program:

-Illustration and use of tools and materials necessary for the construction of a bag pattern

-Analysis of the types of handbags according to the way of construction and assembly techniques

-Illustration and use of reinforcing materials and their application procedure 

-Various types of handles: leather, metal, chains, the production of different leather handles. (pattern+ cutting of the  leather) 

-Analysis of the characteristics of the hides depending on the type of production

-Study, design and realization of paper patterns for 7-10 different types of bags

-Practical drills in the different tuck and bonding techniques

-Analysis of the types of handbag pockets (external and internal)

-Illustration of mounting techniques: union of quadrants, bottom, sides, shoulder strap, flaps; borders, inverted seam,    riveted seam. Application of the lining, zip and reinforcements (cardboard, sail)

-Visit to the tannery and leather goods factory at the request of the participants

 At the end of the course you will receive the final certificate.


At the end of the course we provide the following services:
-post-course advice
-possibility to get an internship at fashion atelier
-providing with all the teaching materials of the course (digital version)
-possibility to participate in fashion shows, tours and events organized by the school
-registration for the circuit of discounts and haberdashery stores sector
-registration for the circuit of internships and work

In case of certain organizational problems or unforeseen events and the necessity to cancel the course we will send you the notice 10 days before the beginning date of the course and will return the paid fees.


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