Cuture embroidery  course in Rome and Milan, Italy. Tambour (luneville) embroidery

Individual Haute couture embroidery course+luneville

Study when you want from 10 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. 7 days per week!


What is the world fashion embroidery industry like? What are the job opportunities? Which techniques can you use? All this will be revealed in this course aimed at young fashion designers and people who would like to work in fashion industry. The course not only covers the embroidery techniques but also reveals the secrets of embroidery design in general. The course is targeted at both professionals and beginners. Groups are up to 1-4 people.


This course takes in Rome .  Minimum of 32 base hours. You can also added other hours on request. The distribution of the hours can be chosen by the student, every day of the week from 10 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. The frequency of the course can be  choice by the  student.

Tutor: Katerina Kouzmina

Course program:
-Various processes of realization of high fashion embroidery, bridal design, production

-Composition and the choice of embroidery design depending on the time of creation, price of materials and  production, individual characteristics of the client or target criteria of the company

-Transfer of the design onto the fabric
-Choice of materials, the study of costs and suppliers
-Costs and timing of production, estimates for the work
-Relief embroidery, mixed embroidery techniques, combination of materials
-Analysis of the embroidery books, websites, exhibitions, suppliers, embroiderers and professionals of this field


It can be possible to introduce another program of the course or realize any individual project

Practical part of the course:
- Embroidery composition design: from the creation of the idea on paper to realization
-Realization of technical drawings and design for embroidery
-Cloth casing on the rectangular frame
-Realization of silk ribbon flowers (embroidery with silk ribbons) including dyeing techniques and combination with  other materials
-Realization of flowers and 3D compositions with floral motifs using leather, organza, wool, beads, chiffon
-Usage of beads, pearls and sequins in different ways
-Study of Haute Couture embroidery designers from all over the world
-Realization of shades of colors in embroidery (including the satin stitch used with different materials)
-Demonstration of embroidery crochet (Crochet de Luneville)

 At the end of the course you will receive the final certificate.

At the end of the course we provide the following services:
- post-course advice 
-possibility to get an internship at fashion atelier
-providing with all the teaching materials of the course (digital version)
-possibility to participate in fashion shows, tours and events organized by the school
-registration for the circuit of discounts and haberdashery stores sector
-registration for the circuit of internships and work

In case of certain organizational problems or unforeseen events and the necessity to cancel the course we will send you the notice 10 days before the beginning date of the course and will return the paid fees.


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